Multiple Security Policies

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Multiple Security Policies

Is there a way I can setup multiple security policies and apply them using tags in Meraki SM?


The Issues I have is including an IOS app in the policy will show a windows managed device as being out of compliance.


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Meraki Employee
Meraki Employee

'Device type' is an Auto tag and covers the following;


Android devices
AppleTV devices
Chrome devices
iOS devices
Mac devices
Windows devices
Take a look at this KB article 

Thanks Greenman but this doesn't allow me to selectively apply security policies to specific devices.


I would like to have a security policy for IOS devices and then only apply that policy to IOS devices.


Scenario is as follows.


Sec Policy 1 - IOS Specific looking for mandatory ios Meraki app

Sec Policy 2 - Android Specific looking for mandatory Android Meraki app.

Sec Policy 3 - Windows Specific and covers off security requirements for windows machines.


When looking at a windows machine on MDM, all three of the above policies are applied to it, security policy 1 and 2 show out of compliance as the windows machine doesn't have an ios or android app installed on it.

Would you be using the Legacy version of Systems Manager, @ElderPhllaps ?   That only allows for the creation of a single security policy, as per

No, im using the latest. 


I can create multiple policies, thats not the problem. The problem is that IOS specific requriements are making windows devices as out of compliance.



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