Multiple Devices with Multiple Backgrounds


Multiple Devices with Multiple Backgrounds



We currently have 48 iphones that we will be re-deploying out to a client and each phone will have a unique background based on their extension for the VoIP system. Instead of creating 48 different wallpaper profiles, then one profile for the settings and restrictions on the device is there a way to pull information from the device and have it assign a wallpaper based on that?


I don't mind building the different profiles. I would prefer less chance of an error happening with the deployment, as we will have another 120 being deployed in the same fashion at another location.



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Wow I've never thought of this issue until you posted about it. I just tried to add another wallpaper setting on the my TestProfile. It wont let me add another,it would be amazing if it could be #tag based! 

I'm not aware of another way unless you create 48 different profile. I really hope someone has a better idea if there is one lol.  

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I am not aware of any way to keep the base settings/restrictions the same and Wallpaper different within a single profile. The best way to do this, in my opinion, would be to create your profile with restrictions/settings and then copy that profile 48 times, modifying the wallpaper setting in each copy. This will ensure that base settings/restrictions are the same and only the wallpaper is different. You could also tag each profile with the extension and then apply based on tags in case you ever switch out devices.

Not a good fix - but maybe you can use the variables on the lock screen to help customise this?


If you select the setting named "iOS Lock Screen Payload" you can use variables.  If you type "$" you'll see what you can choose from.  Perhaps modify the device name to include the extension number or something else you want displayed.



@RadcompTech  Your only options are 40+ profiles or try and make do with what @PhilipDAth  suggested. I haven't seen an MDM platform that lets you get this granular sorry. 

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