Meraki Systems Manager App - Preventing Logout or User Switching / App Repushing

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Meraki Systems Manager App - Preventing Logout or User Switching / App Repushing

Is it possible to prevent users from logging out of the Meraki Systems Manager app?


I'm looking for a way students can reinstall only assigned apps in a locked down iOS/iPadOS environment or manually prompt a check in with Meraki that would automatically install missing assigned apps. We use Apple School Manager to point our managed iPads to Meraki MDM as well as Apps imported to Meraki Volume Purchase Program.

Regards to "Systems Manager > Settings > Student-Device-Profile-Allow-App-Removal > Restrictions"; A student device has the ability to remove apps via "Device functionality > Allow removal of system apps" (enabled). A student device does not have the ability to install apps via "Cross-platform restrictions > Allow installing apps" and "iOS Supervised restrictions > Show or hide apps > Do not allow the following apps > App Store".


We've found students could sign out of the Maraki Systems Manager iOS app with the potential of signing in as another user changing the Device Owner (Systems Manager > Devices > [DeviceName] > Details > Owner) messing up Apple Classroom assigned users for student monitoring.


The Self-Service Portal ( "Systems Manager > Configure > General > Self Service Portal settings> Enable SSP for this network") was looked into for prompting app reinstall but was found unacceptable as users had too much access to unwanted remote functions (would need a way to make options available or unavailable, potentially to a group of users). Also, the Self-Service Portal was found to have the ability to remove apps not marked as removable (Systems Manager > Apps > [App Name] > Options > Removable [unchecked/disabled]).

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