Meraki SM preventing clearing browser history on iPhone?


Meraki SM preventing clearing browser history on iPhone?

We have Meraki System Manager for our MDM and devices are supervised.  Earlier today I had a user complain that they couldn't clear the browser history on their iPhone 8.  This is not something we care about and I did not block this capability on purpose.  However, when I go through the restriction settings I can't find anything about allowing/disallowing browser history from being cleared.  Does anyone know where this setting is controlled?

Kind of a big deal

@ladgosh there aren't any settings that do that as far as I am aware. The only thing I think it could be is if the user is using iCloud Safari sharing and you have stopped them from editing their account settings. 

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I did some more research on the issue and I think this may be the cause:

This is for website restrictions managed locally on the device, which we don't do, but the web content filter is turned on in Meraki, so I'm guessing it is having the same effect of graying out the clear history option.  As far as I've been able to find so far the only fix is to turn website restrictions off, which isn't very helpful.

Yes, activating the web-content filter also prevents clearing the browser history or opening a private tab in Safari. We find it very useful in a school context!
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