Meraki SM deploys expired SCEP CA Certificate

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Meraki SM deploys expired SCEP CA Certificate

Hi everyone,

has anyone else experienced the issue that Meraki is deploying an invalid/expired certificate to (iOS) clients?

We noticed this on our clients when we began with implementation of CBA for 802.1X.


The SCEP CA Cert looks like this:

Version: 2
Serial number: 458218629245020617572416
Signature algorithm: sha1WithRSAEncryption
Not valid before: March 05, 2016
Not valid after: March 05, 2018
Issuer: CN=****-**SRV01-CA
Subject: OU=515703, CN=SCEP CA for My Company Name
(the stars and "My Company Name" have been set by me and do not show the real values)
In addition the Issuer is not right (anymore)...
We signed and uploaded a new certificate in March 2020 by using Meraki > Organisation > MDM > SCEP CA Certficiate Configuration which should be valid until 2022 but this is not pushed to the clients...
Has anyone an idea?
Kind regards,
Kind of a big deal
Kind of a big deal

I think you are going to need to open a support case on that one.

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