Meraki MDM in schools

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Meraki MDM in schools



Just wondering if anyone has setup Meraki and Apple School Manager to manage multiple schools within a district ? Did you have any issues at all that would be good to know about before hand.


My other question is setting up iPads within a school and putting scheduling on and assigning apps to different lessons at different times. To me it looks like a nightmare to setup after looking at a school timetable.


I suppose what I am looking for is some real world info and resources to move on with Meraki MDM.


I've done a lot of searching and found some info. 


Anyway thanks for reading.

Meraki Alumni (Retired)
Meraki Alumni (Retired)

Hi @Jimmy_Carlyle!


I noticed @jared_f posted a great guide on this here -


We also have some resources that could be helpful here -


It sounds like the above guide would be helpful in setting up a shared iPad situation, where the iPads are partitioned to hold all apps but only show certain apps depending on the time or user logged in. 



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