Location History?


Location History?

I have a client that I am trying to sell MDM on and they were not really concerned with the currently location of the device but rather a history of locations. Is this currently possible or being thought about?

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Kind of a big deal
Kind of a big deal

You can not look into the history of where a device has been alas.


Note that if you do want to use location information that the device needs to be either Supervised (Apple) or in Device Owner Mode (Android).


I requested info on exactly this through support back in November. Here's the Meraki response FYI:


We have received your case regarding accessing historical data for Systems Manager.


We do not store past locations of devices, so this information will not be visible or available from the Meraki dashboard.


Unfortunately, this feature is not available at the moment. If you feel like it would be of value to your needs, I invite you to make a request to our engineering team via our Make a Wish feature.


They will receive the request, and consider it for future releases.

Click on 'Make a wish' like I did and let's see!



Meraki Alumni (Retired)
Meraki Alumni (Retired)

I've seen a number of companies use SM to push and manage 3rd party apps for this kind of bread crumb tracking. That might be something to look into!


You could also use the API to routinely pull and externally save/store location info . For privacy purposes, SM will not do this itself. If at some point it is supported by apple and android in their APIs for MDM, that could change! 

Hi Melissa,


I am interesting in building a small program that will routine pull and save/store location info. However, the only 'GET' options for SM portion of the API doesn't return the location information. Can you point me in the right direction?


I am currently here:


GET request: nXX.meraki.com/api/v0/networks/N_XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX/sm/devices?serials=XXXXXXXX


Which returns gives me back the matching object with keys: id, name, tags, ssid, wifiMac, osName, systemModel, uuid, serialNumber and hasChromeMdm... but no Location. 

Hi @Cchan302,


One of the fields listed for that request is 'Location'. Have you tried requesting it? It might not be part of the default request.






Thank you,
Peter James

I think you misunderstood my question.. I've already done that part. What i need is the next step, to get the location of the "found" device.  I imagine the url would be something like networks/N_xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx/sm/device/[serial]/location

Ah, your question is: How do I pass parameters to my API call? This will depend on your programming language.


Can you try:




I have not used the API in a while, but I think the above is what you might be after.


Thank you,
Peter James

API returned the same object as if the location parameter wasn't there 😞 


Hi Cchan302,


Very sorry - was in another language at the time 🙂 


Try this:




Thank you,
Peter James

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