Issues with App deployment

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Issues with App deployment

Hello, I run Tech Support for a department trying to utilize this software. 

I have a couple apps- Adobe Acrobat 2017 and Cisco Jabber 12.9 uploaded to Meraki cloud via uploading the executable. I'm trying to install them on a system that has Jabber but not Acrobat. Neither installation seems to actually work. They also seem stuck for a long time (Hours now for Adobe) on the 'updating' part of the install according to the activity log.

Should we use links instead to push apps? Is there a permission thing I need to enable? On the system the Meraki agent is running fine, no errors. I am also getting no errors from Meraki dashboard. In fact it says that reinstalling Jabber was successful, but Jabber never closed on that system during the install (I left it open to check, also to see if I got an error). It just 'success'.

 Any insight you have into this would be appreciated.
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