Is it Still Not Possible To Push Android OS Updates or Upload the Os To push out

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Is it Still Not Possible To Push Android OS Updates or Upload the Os To push out

I am trying to update a bunch of zebra tc52 running android 11 to android 13. I have the os update file is there way to upload it and push it out like a custom app or this still not a thing with Meraki. Because i am about to have over 100 to 200 and if this is not the case i need to be looking into another mdm like maas360 that pushes the android os updates out. 

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Meraki Employee

Correct, MDM still only supports the pushing of OS updates for iOS and macOS at the moment and unfortunately not Android. 

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is there any possible way i could get you to upload that Tc52 Android 13 for the TC52 you have to Google Drive and send me a link for the download?


Meraki Employee
Meraki Employee

It is possible to do *some* Android OS Management, and this is contained within the Kiosk payload:


Screenshot 2023-09-11 at 11.28.22.png


Note: Update policy when system updates become available (M+). When "Postpone indefinitely" gets checked, it will override the update policy and indefinitely postpone system updates on Android 9 and later devices. If unchecked, Android 9+ devices will follow the specified update policy.


However, I'm looking at the configuration of the device using OEMConfig. Again, not something SM supports right now, but this is something that we should look at. Reach out to your seller to discuss this, which they should be able to feed back to the product management team

Yeah .. i have had meraki for over 7 years now... works great on ios ... it does well on android for apps as well etc... just can not do os updates.. . I have looked and done tons of mdm demos and it seems the only ones one can push os updates is 42 gears... working with mass360 right now today to push a os update on a conference call and supposdely vmware mdm solutions. 

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