IOS Push cert Non-compliant

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IOS Push cert Non-compliant



I noticed recently our push cert is showing up as Non-compliant for our IOS devices. After some research it looks like this may have happened because our Apple DEP Server name and Apple VPP Account's have changed and are associated with a different Apple ID.


I tried to unroll one of our devices from the Meraki MDM console but the command won't go through. I am also not able to remove the SM app from the actual device or factory reset it to re-enroll the device.


I am not really sure what to do next but any assistance would be greatly appreciated.




Kind of a big deal
Kind of a big deal

I don't know the answer.


The key bit is - does the new account require a different certificate?  I am going to guess yes.  If that is the case, you can not change the account being used.  To change the certificate on managed Apple DEP devices requires the devices to be wiped and set up again.  This is an Apple requirement - nothing Meraki can do about it.


Hi Philip,


Thanks for the info and yest the new account requires a different certificate. As you mentioned I will work on getting the devices wiped and set up again. Even though this isn't on the Meraki side I will update if this works.



Kind of a big deal
Kind of a big deal

@Billy_Beagle  If an Apple push certificate expires or is changed in some way then all devices will need to be factory reset and re-enrolled. This isn't a Meraki specific thing its the way that Apple push certificates work. 


Good luck and I hope you are able to get things working again quickly. 

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I had a similar issue. I renewed the push cert with a different Apple ID, but within the same organization, and broke the link.
To fix it I re-updated/renewed the certificate with the original Apple ID and certificate. Then re-enrolled the device using the QR code, entered the network ID, and then installed the new push certificate. After doing that I opened the Meraki System Manger on the iphone and it was back in compliance and everything was fixed WITHOUT factory reset. 

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