I can't get screenshots and network stats

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I can't get screenshots and network stats

I can not get screenshots and Network Stats with Meraki System Manager

If I take a screenshot, you will get an error "Failed to generate or fetch a screenshot."


When I get Network Stats TCP connections, I get an error "timeout connecting to agent proxy"


I'm in touch with meraki's support but I have no answer

The agent used is "1.0.98"


Is there any better way to improve this condition?

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Hi @tetuya0703, I hope you enjoy the Community.

Same happens here, I just tried to reinstall de agent but nothing change!

Have you any tip from support team?
Kind of a big deal
Kind of a big deal

@tetuya0703  What OS is the client device running?

Windows 10

Here to help

I've been seeing the same issue on Windows 10 machines for a couple of weeks.  I'm seeing SSL 5 errors in the agent long as well.  The client machine seems to be able to accept new software installs, but things like clicking the "Refresh details" button never execute.  Do you see the same symptoms?


I've had a ticket open for the issue since February...

Kind of a big deal

The Meraki agent is generally broken. I would say that is the culprit of this specific problem.

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I agree with Jared, I find it doesn't work on Macs anymore either. I have just tested trying to take screenshots from a Windows 10 and Windows 7 device and both of them failed.


Same issue here, both Windows and Mac devices.  It's not something I use a lot, and for a while it would occasionally work, but lately no devices will allow a screenshot.  Agent is version 3.1.1 on Windows and Mac

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