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I know it's a free MDM solution, but where do we get real help when a feature is not working ?

Where do we report a bug?

Where do we suggest new feature? (Is the Make a Wish at the bottom really works ??)


Using iOS device.


Is anyone been able to push an ActiveSync Exchange account using the "use device owner" ? in my case, it not working, the profile never get send to the device. The work around is to create each user with a profile and push the information in that profile. But the bug is why it's working on some and sometime it ask on the device the password for the Exchange account. (The same profile is push on my test  AND personal device perfectly, but not on the user's device ??)


For VPP app, I have my account sync with Apple VPP service, reload cache data, and I have all my apps listed in my VPP account. Now I go into the MDM>Apps menu and I add what ever apps that I need to push.


Why is that in the Apps menu, updated apps are not updating also in that section. In my case, the app have been updated, new icon, new name, but it's display the old icon and name. It get updated on all devices and new data are up to date, but not in my dashboard. App use the same app identifier (See picture).


I know if I delete the app from the list and add it again, it will show the new look, but this will force all device the uninstall it and reinstall it, losing any data the user may have on is device associate with that app.


New appNew appold appold app



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Kind of a big deal
Kind of a big deal

With regard to support; you need to have paid for something in your Organisation to use support.  You can't really expect Meraki to offer support for a free giveaway - otherwise why would people pay for the product to get support?


ps. The free licences are no longer available to new customers.


With regard to ActiveSync; have you configured the MDM to require the device to be authenticated when you are provisioning it?  Typically you would authenticate against either Active Directory or Office 365, depending on where you email is located.

I do understand that free is free, but there's no in between free and +100 devices!


We are using Exchange 2016 and it is hosted in house and with AD authentication.


When the profile is enter with all the information and it ask the user to enter the password, and I do it manually, it work... it will push all the right infos except the password.

If I create a profile and choose "specify a user" and I fill all the infos and deploy it only on that user's device, (most of the time) it work without any manual entry of the password.


The problem I had last week was I renew or domain certificate and I went and update all the profile with the new certificate, so all those profile got resync with the device, and now, some are asking for a password, even if the password is enter in the profile.


So maybe I don't understand what you mean by "have you configured the MDM to require the device to be authenticated when you are provisioning it?" english is not my primary language !



That's not true.  If you only want 10 licences you can buy just 10 licences.


If you go:

Systems Manager/General/<scroll down to>User authentication settings

Have you selected to have users authenticated against Active Directory?

@PhilipDAth I didn't return for a long time...


I checked your suggestion, but in my options for AD, "Use your own AD server" is grey out and I don't use Azure 




So you're telling me, if I link my AD with my Meraki account, I will be able to send owner/psw with profile and it's going to work ? I will be able to push psw to users that I don't want them to have the PSW and it won't ask them from time to time (when profile is updated) ??



Kind of a big deal

@jffortier AD not being available is most likely due to your licensing.

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Getting noticed

By the way on the Meraki app> Managed Apps the old icon is display, even the mobile apps is not up to date with the latest info on the iTunes store.



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