Error when instaling apps

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Error when instaling apps


i try to install apps on my android tablets with an Tag.
The app is downloaded in the meraki cloud.

But when i push the tag and try to Install the apps i get this error : 

Error: NoMethodError undefined method `type' for #<PccMcProfileRemovalPayload:0x00007ff5f0bfda90>


And on annother tablet (same model) i get this error for an app on the play store instaled with an unmodified tag: 

Error: NoMethodError undefined method `type' for #<PccMcProfileRemovalPayload:0x00007f40d2031d20>


Comes here often

Our organization is experiencing this same issue and we have yet to find a solution. I had successfully enrolled devices on January 9th, but somewhere between then and now we started experiencing this issue.

This seems solved on my end. I did nothing and now the apps are instaled correctly.

Comes here often

It appears to be fixed now for us as well. I had opened a ticket last week when we were having problems, and this is the reply we received:


"There was a case that had similar issues to yours, engineering needed to push a fix on their end, but it seems to be fixed now."


So looks like it was just a one-off issue for a handful of us haha.

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