Error 12064 assigning purchased app to iPad

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Error 12064 assigning purchased app to iPad

Good Day,
I am using the Meraki MDM to manage approximately 50 iPads. In the past I have purchased licenses through our Business VPP, and assigned them to units without trouble, but I am having a VERY hard time getting this one license of Procreate to assign.
It was purchased from the VPP store, and I have a receipt. It shows up on our VPP page as an assignable license with 1 license free. 
I have verified that our certificates are all correct, including MDM and VPP.
The iPad in question has been completely reset and reregistered into the MDM and still doesn't work.
Does anyone have any suggestions on further troubleshooting I could do? 
Code: 12064
Domain: MCMDMErrorDomain


Error: Could not retrieve license for the app with iTunes Store ID 425073498.
Error: 操作を完了できませんでした。(SSErrorDomainエラー141)
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Kind of a big deal
Kind of a big deal

Thank you,
This is not a solution to the problem, as it is about conflict between local Apple IDs and VPP distributed apps. Our iPads have no Apple ID and use managed distribution.

I'm sorry that I can't help, but I am following this thread since we are having the exact same issue, intermittently on some of our ipads.  No Apple ID on the iPads themselves.

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