Endpoint Management- True Release Notes???


Endpoint Management- True Release Notes???

Are there any release notes published for SM updates/fixes?


Not talking about the random blog post. I mean real release notes. Something akin to the release notes seen on other platforms with new features, changed functionality and bug fixes with their related BugIDs. (For example: Cisco Call Manager 9.1 Release Notes)


I keep seeing references in forums to fixes getting pushed (like this, or this) or where something suddenly started working for users (like this) and they suspect a fix was pushed out but no confirmation. That drives me bonkers and like to tie a problem to an issue and a solution.


How does the user community get updated on these fixes occurring behind the curtain?

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Kind of a big deal

SM does not have release notes like other Meraki products as there are no firmware versions for SM. Also note that the other Meraki products don't give related bug ID's. 


I'd suggest putting in a wish for SM release notes through Dashboard. 


While there is no firmware for SM - it is still a piece of dynamic piece of software with changing functionality that users have minimal visibility to. 

Cisco is a great example of a hardware provider with good change management transparency.


I wouldn't start with Meraki as an example vendor who is doing change management communication right. Maybe Salesforce is a good place to start. Even Microsoft publishes bug details, workarounds, etc.



Meraki Alumni (Retired)
Meraki Alumni (Retired)

I take your point about bug fixes - definitely something to think about.


In the meantime, release notes on new features are also posted in dashboard under "New Features" in the Help button (upper right corner of dashboard). 

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