Enable location in Meraki Systems Manager app

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Enable location in Meraki Systems Manager app

Anybody else having a problem with the Meraki Systems Manager (Meraki MDM) app not allowing you to enable location tracking on iOS 16.2? I didn't seem to have an issue on the last iPad I did under iOS 16.1, with the same restrictions. Could also be an issue with the version of the app. I'm currently running version 2.6.2. Not sure what version of the app was on the last iPad I worked on that was still working properly. As soon as I open the app it pops up the prompt to enable tracking, but it immediately disappears. Does not give me the opportunity to enable it. If I go to "Settings", then down to the settings for the Meraki MDM app, it does not display the "Location" option.



I was able to solve the problem. You are able to fix the issue by opening the Meraki Systems Manager app and clicking on "Location" and then "Enable". A prompt will pop up and you will need to click on "Allow While Using App". You now have to click on "Location" again as well as "Enable" again. Another prompt will come up and you will now have to click on "Change to Always Allow".  

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