Duplicate iPads

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Duplicate iPads



We have several duplicated iPads in our Meraki Systems Management console. It seems to be be treating a DEP device and an iPad enrolled via web-browser as two different devices? Is there any way to merge the two devices?

We have 43 iPads but 58 are showing due to duplicates which looks to be causing grief with licenses. I can see serial numbers duplicated in the lists.


Any help appreciated.





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Getting noticed

that shouldn't happen. We have DEP enrolled devices which I've removed from Meraki and then re-installed manually and never had them duplicated.

I suggest contacting Meraki support

Kind of a big deal

I would just end up deleting the duplicates and re-enrolling them. I don't know why they would be joined twice by DEP and the web browser.


 i had that happen in the past but it was My error not Meraki or DEP,, if i had a managed device that needed to become supervised  and if I forgot to remove it from the console first before enrolling it to then re add it as supervised  . Then i would have a duplicate 

@MikeMandalorian  that has even happened to me as well which is why I asked @WPS-IT if by chance this might be it.


I would have thought the backend would be smart enough to know a device with the same serial and MAC is a duplicate.....

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