Custom package installation on macOS question

Getting noticed

Custom package installation on macOS question

Following I have a test package created that runs a simple script. The package is signed and notarized.

From Systems Manager>Manage>Apps the devices I have tried to push this package to report "Not Installed" and on the Activity log for the machine, the status never progresses past UpdatingSoftware. 

Is the SM agent looking for a specific exit code to report that the installation has finished? Looking through /var/log/install.log on several of the machines the installation finished without issue so I am not sure where the disconnect occurs. 

Getting noticed

Wowww, this is a great SM question.


@jm_peterson what exactly your script is doing? It could be that you just haven't added any reportable actions into it. If it's not installing anything, but just running 'echo test', it's likely that this is the expected behavior. SM just acting as a deployment server to push down the packages, then the separate reporting mechanism reports the installed software. Similar to how Apple Remote Desktop would work, in that it has a push package functionality, and a generate report for installed software functionality. 


Also, if you post the script, then people on here could run it to see if we experience the same results. Also, screenshots of your outputs would be swell for even more context. 


That being said, I would check in with Apple Business Support, see if they can get you to an engineer who will be able to lookup the definitive answer to this, as I suspect that would be the quickest way to get an answer. Especially based on the big banner in the doc you linked 😅

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