Custom Android App Showing in Kiosk Mode

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Custom Android App Showing in Kiosk Mode

I am having problems getting the custom apps I have add to show up in kiosk mode. I know that the apps have been added correctly because they are showing up in the managed apps and on the tablet outside of the kiosk mode. How ever when ever I go into kiosk mode I get this error on install. Below in the first picture is what I see in kiosk mode the second is the list of managed apps showing that they are properly configured and the is the error I am getting.


Any help would be great 


Thanks Mattsystems manager 1.jpg


systems manager 2.jpg


systems manager.jpg 

Meraki Alumni (Retired)
Meraki Alumni (Retired)

What is the specific version of Android you are using? Have you tried this out on a different version of Android (e.g. 9 vs 10)? What version of the SM app are you using? Tell us the hardware type as well, but that is less likely to be the issue.

Android version - 9 (currently the highest software version for the tablet)

SM version - 5.2.8 

Hardware - Android Galaxy Tab A 8


I think the problem lies here. That is purely base on the fact that When I added the app it installed on the tablet just fine. But when in the kiosk mode it is not wanting to show up.


This could be wrong, but it sounds like an app that is normally used outside of kiosk mode is being suppressed or disabled.  If those apps work without the kiosk mode, it just sounds like something that is normally used is now being blocked, and needs to be added or allowed.  


I'm not sure how you could determine what app it is trying to use, as I am just guessing, but if there is like a vpn or some check it does, that could be unavailable due to kiosk mode.  


To fix it, I would simply add the app that is needed to the kiosk screen (and add it to the system apps profile, as it will almost certainly need to be listed for it to work).  


I'm just starting to customize my own launcher, so I may come across more information...this just sounds like a similar situation when an app is needed to be 'allowed' for it to work.  


Good luck.

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