Are iCloud locked devices a problem for Meraki's MDM?

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Are iCloud locked devices a problem for Meraki's MDM?

I set up a test phone with the certificate and installed the systems manager app.

Logged in using our test iCloud account of course.

Erased the device via the admin page.

Phone rebooted and was locked to that iCloud account. Fortunately, It was a test.

We have this happen a lot, users leave our company without signing out and we are left with bricked phones. Does MDM offer a solution to that?

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Kind of a big deal
Kind of a big deal

You have to enrol the device in "Supervised" mode, and then the MDM can wipe the phone without it being an issue.


To get a phone into supervised mode you have to use Apple's DEP program (an Apple requirement).  It is painful.  You can read about it here:'s_Device_Enrollment_Program_(DEP)_...


Actually, you can also use Apple Configurator (note that this is only available for Mac's - not Windows):

Join Apple's DEP program to have full control

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