Install a VPP, B2B Enterprise App on Shared Devices without Apple ID

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Install a VPP, B2B Enterprise App on Shared Devices without Apple ID

I have a custom B2B / Enterprise application that has been pushed to our VPP account.  The app has been synced with our MDM and I can deploy it to any user that has an Apple ID.  The problem I am facing is I need to deploy this app to shared devices, and I don't want to create Apple ID's for each iPad.


Since this app is not publicly available in the app store I cannot add it to the apps section and I cannot do a device assigned license.  I have the ipa file provided to me by the developer.  When I add iOS enterprise app, it uploads fine.  When I assign it to a device with an Apple ID it fails to install,  If the app gets assigned to a device without an Apple ID, it is not pushed out to the device.


I guess what I would like to know is how does a custom app that has been pushed to my VPP get associated with the Apps section of Meraki so I can deploy it with device assignment.  Is the developer missing something, am I missing something? Perhaps it is not possible and I need to create an Apple ID for each device.


Any help would be awesome.

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You need to raise a support case so that the Meraki Support staff can enable Custom B2B apps for you.

I have raised this myself under case 02026279, that the support staff can refer to.


This will then allow you to manually add the Custom B2B app store ID/URL. You can then use Apple VPP for the devices, so you do not need to use an Apple ID per device.


I hope this helps.


Thank you,
Peter James

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