Apps not appearing in Ipad

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Apps not appearing in Ipad

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I am hoping you can help me. I use Meraki to push apps onto our iPads in school. it was all going well until apple released IOS 11. Then some apps were not working that were coming through the MDM server, e.g. Telligami Edu. (assume they were the non updated apps via the delevoper)


It also happened with the Beebot app (free) but i uninstalled via meraki and downloaded via the app store and it worked,


When i did similar with the telligami app but as it was a paid for app i wanted it to come through our apple deploy account and as such though Meraki but again it did not appear. I then erased the contents of the ipad , and although pushed (assume it was the updated version by the developer) to the ipad it did not appear on the screen, with a few others. It is on the Meraki MDM app as missing but when i click on the download cloud it still does not appear and keeps it as a missing app (along with numerous apps in the missing field. I also pushed it again through the Meraki App dashboard. Just can't get these apps to appear on the Ipad.


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Perhaps you are attempting to push an outdated version of the app to the devices in MDM.  When you open up the app details, by clicking, Systems Manager > Apps (Under MDM) > click on your app.  Does the app version on this page match what is in the iTunes store, see screenshot.  Regardless I would click the refresh details button, see screenshot.  Let me know if this helps. 




 Screen Shot 2017-10-13 at 10.39.45 AM.png

Hi Ryan 


Thank for you reply, will try that and let you know





Just a heads up... I rarely see my SM apps page display the correct version of the app. I don't know why and hopefully you're not experiencing that.  But if I click on the link below it, it goes to the Apple page with the most current info.

Getting noticed

Once our kids started upgrading I noticed quite a few of our apps no longer responding. When I checked, some hadn't been updated by the developer in 4 or 5 years and they were no longer compatible. Tellagami was definitely one of them and hadn't been updated since 2014.  We contacted a few of the developers for the apps we really like and want to keep using and they either said they weren't supporting them anymore or they were in the progress of updating.

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This happened to us also.  I found the apps in question were no longer available in the new iOS 11 app store.  Even though they're still listed in VPP and Meraki, the apps won't push to iPads with iOS 11 if they're not in the app store, even if the app store is disabled on the device.  Checking the app store on an iOS 11 device is the fastest way to see if the app is available on iOS or not

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