Apple TV being incorrectly auto-tagged as a Mac

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Apple TV being incorrectly auto-tagged as a Mac

I've enrolled an Apple TV into DEP and MDM via Apple Configurator, but when it appears in the Meraki Dashboard, it has been auto-tagged with a device type of Mac.


Some of my settings use the auto-tags to determine which profiles get pushed to what devices, so the Apple TV is now being pushed macOS profiles, causing broken app icons to appear on the Home Screen for apps that aren't supported on tvOS and other difficulties.


Has anyone else encountered this? Or been able to correct it?


Screen Shot 2021-07-04 at 7.13.11 PM.png

Meraki Employee

Can you open a case with Meraki Support regarding this, please? I'm seeing a few instances of this.

Quick update, this has been reported to Engineering. As soon as I get any updates I'll bump this thread.

Hi @ConnorL, just checking, have there been any updates on this one? (Or maybe a recommended workaround.) Thanks!

Comes here often

Just as an update, this issue is continuing to occur.

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