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Apple Classroom for Mac

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I was looking for some resource or guide to setup Apple Classroom on our MDM managed Macbook devices on Mojave. I found a guide online, however, it is just for iPad(iOS) Apple Classroom. 


Could someone shed some light on this? How can we automate the way users/devices propagate with Apple School Manager and Meraki?

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Kind of a big deal

@Joseph I have not tried testing it at all personally but the last I knew there was still issues with getting the Education Profile to install onto Mac devices.



Here is Apple's documentation on this subject.


One other question are you trying to do Apple classroom for iPads and Mac or just strictly Macs?

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I am trying to do Apple Classroom on strictly Macs - we've moved away from iPads and majority of our grades have Macbooks running Mojave.

We spent quite some time building out our classes, rosters, and courses to upload to Apple School Manager, only to realize that Meraki doesn't support the education payload for MacOS

I read on another post that this may be a "beta" feature that I can ask my account manager to get access to. Is this possible?

Kind of a big deal



I see that Meraki is supporting user based profiles now. Have you tried setting up the Education Configuration through a user profile and see if it is now working for Apple Classroom on Macs?



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Meraki Alumni (Retired)



macOS Education Payload is still in development, not released yet. One of the complexities here is fixing support for the "user channel" on macOS — it's not as simple as just creating a new payload.


For the purposes of transparency, we are still probably a couple months away from completing this. That said, there have been the many requests for this feature in this community and in Wishes™ so we are looking forward to getting it completed.


Noah Salzman

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