Android Kiosk Mode and Wifi

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Android Kiosk Mode and Wifi

We have about 800 android tablets out in the field and we are wanting to deploy systems manager in kiosk mode. But being that the tablets are always traveling and connecting to different wifis and we can not program them all. 

Is there a way for the settings on the tablet to be opened in kiosk mode in order for them to connect to any wifi network when needed?

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I believe this is what you are looking for.


Unlocks from Kiosk Mode

If you don't want to completely get the device out of Kiosk mode each time you want to change the WiFi, maybe you could add a third party WiFi connector app to the list of allowed apps. That way you don't need to go into settings to change SSID, you'll just be able to do it from the custom launcher.


Something like this:


I haven't tested this.

Yeah we don't want them exiting kiosk mode. And I have been looking for a 3rd party app but can't find one that works.

You might be able to find the Android system process and add that as an app. I feel like you are going to have issues with the 3rd Party App.

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Hello, were you able to find a solution to this issue?  Thanks!

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Also wondering if you found a solution to this.

We've been using this app for a few years to enable users to access the WiFi Settings menu:

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