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Android Apps Disappear

Hello All

When I add apps and push them down to the Samsung Tab A they install fine then randomly in the managed apps screen they disapear and reinstall . Its not all apps  but a few I have noticed is google maps , samsung email , chrome

all apps were downloaded from the play store.

I also will remove any internet shortcuts on the home screen.


Thank you for you help


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@DavidF try to check your settings on  restrictions tab check if you have put to show or hide your apps








Hi merakichamp

I do not see that option on my screen.





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@DavidF  you just needed to scroll down more and you will see it just before Device functionality 











i have shared my screens just to show you  you  really need to scroll down 


Hi merakichamp

It look like that option is only for IOS not android.

I was able to add KNOX and allow all the apps and it look like is is working

Thank you for your time and help

Hi David, 


I' ve got the same problem.  Can you please show me a screenshot of your restriction Knox ? 


Best regards  

Hi ServiceCI

After I spending some time on this I decided not to use Knox. I set my devices as the owner and use a Block List. I find that I can block all the other garbage that is loaded from the device. Once you set up a block list all system apps and preloaded apps are allowed to run. I use a android app called package names to get the item names to block and put them the block list. That will stop all the items you don't want or don't need from loading. Then what ever apps I want them to have other than the system apps I just add them from the playstore on the manage apps screen


Here is a copy of my block list 




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