Active Directory Profile and Meraki Profile

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Active Directory Profile and Meraki Profile

Hi All,


I am trying to deploy the Meraki Systems Manager profile to a test Windows 10 Laptop connected to our Active Directory. However it fails to connect with the following Error.


Meraki Profile.PNG


If I remove the Active Directory connection and create a local account then the profile will install.


On the flip side of it, if the Meraki Profile is setup and I try to reconnect the Laptop to our AD account, then I get the following error.


AD Work Profile.PNG


I'm fairly sure it's because we have Intune enabled and there's a clash over which MDM service to use. I've tried to disable the intune MDM completely and also attempted to setup a restriction to disable auto enrolment based on OS being above Windows 8.1, However I still get the above errors.


Any Help would be appreciated so that both the AD work profile and Meraki Profile can be setup at the same time.


Thanks in advanced,


Kind of a big deal

You can have exactly one MDM configured at a time.  So you can use either Intune or Meraki MDM, but not both.

Comes here often

Hi Philip,



Thank you for your reply,


I understand you can have only one MDM solution in place. I have attempted to disabled the auto enrolment which I thought would work but that didn't help. I may be doing it wrong so any further help is appreciated.




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