ASM & iBooks crashing

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ASM & iBooks crashing

I am having yet another iBook challenging. I have been able to push out some iBooks manually to a test teacher account. Often while using these books, iBooks will crash. For example, I download the book Video, Music, Photography, Drawing - Teachers Guide; it's from the Everyone Can Create Series from Apple. If you activate a widget, it will crash 100% of the time. In all books, if you try to activate an external link, it will crash 100% of the time. In some books, e.g. Keynote, iOS 11, it will not crash if you activate a widget but it will crash if you activate an external link. On all books, it will crash sporadically.

If you remove it from management, there is no issue with iBooks. In speaking with Apple, they have pushed this back to Meraki. Meraki is opened a case. I'm wondering if anyone has found this problem as well?

I'm running iOS 11.4 and the latest version of the book. 

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