AFW Apps refreshing & Home screen

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AFW Apps refreshing & Home screen

Good morning.


we have the order of 200 Android phones under Owner Mode. Most of them are Samsung with some Google and another brands.


From a couple weeks ago, some users are reporting that the apps disapear from tthe home screen, even if they are still isntalled.


Putting some phones into watch more, we found that the app list, refreshes suddlenty, like all the apps had been updated, and that deletes all the apps from home screen,


in fact we found too many "app update messages in the phone" that are not reflecting into MDM Website or log for the device.


cant be a launcher issue as we observed in three diferent launchers (default android drom BQ, Google Launcher and Samsung Touchwiz)


I cant find anything into the profile that could cause this behaviour, any idea?



Here to help


this issue is a joke. 

i have the same issue with 4 customers since may and I can't have any information from meraki. 

I have opened many cas but the support don't know anything about this. 


I love meraki products but I have never been more upset about a technical issue. Very disappointed ...

Well, my case is still open..


only affecting over 500 devices... all of the android farm....


it was fixed for two weeks, and about as i was informing my GM, they started to fail again.



The real issue here i believe is happening,  is the fact that the phone doesnt report back to meraki,


even in a phone with all the apps setup.... in meraki web, they still show as missing.... so it tries to set them up again... breaking everything in the process.

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