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Meraki MDM AD Authentication Issues

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Meraki MDM AD Authentication Issues

Morning all,

I'm tearing my hair out with an issue we've been having with out Merkai MDM.

We're using it to manage a fleet of iPads, and we've recently had a few come back for resets. During the setup process however, I've been unable to use Active Directory credentials to log in on the "Remote Management" screen to assign it to a user. This has happened to several people and yes, I've checked the username and password combo is correct.

The error I get is just a generic username password incorrect error. It's happened on multiple iPads with a working WiFi connection.

However, I have been able to change owner details for other iPads from the Systems Manager, so I think it is still connecting to AD successfully (although I may be wrong here).

I have no idea what to check for next or what to try and any help would be greatly appreciated. Unfortunately it's been left for me with little documentation from those who set it upp, just complicating things further.

Many thanks for your help and time.


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Re: Meraki MDM AD Authentication Issues



I'm not sure how it all was setup but perhaps you can have a look here in the documentation and see if you can spot anything that is misconfigured.


I do spot this in the documentation

If issues are encountered, ensure that the AD server used has the Global Catalog role enabled



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Re: Meraki MDM AD Authentication Issues

Hi Ben,

Thanks for your reply. As far as I can see this all seems to be in line. The AD server does have the Global Catalog role too.

It was all working up until a few weeks ago. It just seems to have stopped working and we can't really explain why, there's been no updates or changes, it just happened.

I will also say we are using Meraki managed authentication, if it offers any more of an explanation.

Many thanks

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