Episode 34: Hardware design and philosophy at Meraki

Meraki Employee

We spend a lot of time talking about how Meraki products and features can solve real world challenges here on Meraki Unboxed, but we've never focused purely on the hardware. Today we're putting that right with an interview with our Head of Hardware, one of the earliest employees at Meraki, who provides some fascinating insight into what goes into developing and packaging the hardware we sell, along with some great stories from the early days of the company.


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Kind of a big deal

Bookmarked for later.


My customers have stated how simple Meraki have made their hardware from simple things such as:


- The actual cardboard the device ships in contains no waste I.e plastic bags, polystyrene etc

- no unwanted power cables

- the switches, MXs have the mounting wings built in so there’s no time wasted screwing in the mounts. And don’t mention the anxiety of losing a mounting screw!!!

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