Episode 33: Device Management for Remote Working and Learning

Meraki Employee

As organizations contemplate a future with more remote working and learning, it's more important than ever to identify efficient ways to support dispersed employees and students at scale. For many years, Meraki Systems Manager has been supporting the management of up to tens of thousands of devices, regardless of their location, so it's more than up to the task at hand. In this episode we welcome back Amelie from our Product Marketing team to discuss some of the attributes and features of Systems Manager that can ease the burden of IT teams tasked with supporting large scale, and enduring, remote working and learning.



Welcome back Amelie!


Meraki Systems Manager is for the greater service of all ... thanks too @merakisimon and all! (Humphrey!!)




Building a reputation

I've messed around with SM for testing but don't use it in production.  I can see the advantages of how this could help with remote working.