Episode 28: Looking ahead to Wi-Fi 6E

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The FCC in the US recently announced a signifcant expansion of radio spectrum reserved for use by Wi-Fi technology. In a world filled with mobile devices and appliances, this specturm will help to ensure we can continue to enjoy good performance, with less congestion, for years to come. In today's episode we discuss the merits of Wi-Fi 6E and look forward to its adoption in the years ahead.


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Very informative, thanks!


Episode 28: Looking ahead to Wi-Fi 6E my favorit Meraki Unboxed podcast.


Excellent Episode!! great Update about the Meraki WIFI 6 advances!!!🕺

Comes here often

Great episode

Comes here often

Very informative.  I am new to the pod, but have already passed this pod to my colleagues.  Love how you simplify it, but also have your tech guy expand on that.    Passing this pod on 😉

Comes here often

I am new to the POD, but as Crouchy we say, Meraki are "back stronger", passing on the POD for sure!     I enjoyed how this was simplified and then drilled into, so all could follow.....PASS THE Meraki Pod!

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Interesting information regarding the upcoming approvement of 6GHz for WiFi6E in EU and other countries.

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Very Nice cast Gents! It's amazing how quickly we are advancing. WiFi 6 and now 6E, then on to WiFi 7.

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Good episode, looking forward to deploying and testing some of this 6E kit!

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