Episode 16: Talking to the Meraki Community All-Stars

Meraki Alumni (Retired)

The Meraki Community gives our customers, partners and employees a place to mingle online, to share ideas, help one another, and provide feedback. As with every community, there are a few standout characters who really help to stoke discussion and contribute disproportionately to the conversation. In today's episode we bring 3 of our Community All-Stars together for some fascinating insights into their worlds and the value they derive from the Community. Check it out at https://community.meraki.com


Meraki Alumni (Retired)

Featuring the admirable @PhilipDAth@BrechtSchamp, and @jdsilva. Congrats y'all!   

Getting noticed

Great to hear about the Meraki Community all-stars !

Kind of a big deal

This was a fantastic podcast. @BrechtSchamp and @PhilipDAth are simply the bee's knees!




I have never won any Meraki swag. Been joining almost Cisco Meraki engagements, no luck. I hope this comment breaks the spell. This is my favorite podcast. I love this community. #unboxed

Here to help

Inspiring words from the community all stars. Nice to hear what motivates them. We are all very appreciative of their efforts

Kind of a big deal

@jdsilva right back at ya mister. It was definitely an honour and a pleasure to be a guest for that podcast!



Kind of a big deal

MQTT - got bitten by a mosquitto?

Actually Message Queuing Telemetry Transport

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