Episode 109: Helping Businesses Build a 5G Branch Networking Strategy

Meraki Employee

Wireless access takes business networking by storm. Meraki cloud-managed 5G wireless WAN offers businesses numerous advantages in campus, data center, and branch networking.


In this episode, learn how businesses can take full advantage of 5G in their branch networks using the Cisco Meraki MG51 and MG51E. Listen in as we discuss how the Meraki platform can help businesses simplify the management of their branch networks with unparalleled scale, administration, and visibility from a single dashboard to configure, manage, and troubleshoot their networks.





Amilee San Juan, Product Marketing Manager, Cisco



Chris Burgess, BT Group, Principal Solutions Consultant

Divya Pillai, Technical Marketing Engineer, Cisco Meraki

Paul Campbell, CEO & Founder, Quaversal

Pratik Desai, Product Marketing Manager, Cisco Meraki

Meraki Employee

Would love to hear about how everyone's 5G deployments are going. Feel free to drop a post!

Getting noticed

Same as @misterchaiguy, very interest in your guy's deployments of 5G.  Please comment here to give me some inspiration.

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