Wireless Upgrade

We recently upgraded this community because the old network lacked a decent wifi signal throughout the building. The biggest challenge in this site was that we had two floors and we had to do some adjusting with the wifi due to bleed over  from the other floor but installing MR 36 AP's really helped because they do most of the radio and power settings out of the box. 


We used 3

32 MR 36 AP's

1 MX 80 Router

3 MS 225 Switches

10GB SFP's Meraki

40 GB Stacking cables

2 APC 1500RM2U UPS with Nic Cards


In the future we hope to install a second circuit and use the SD Wan and we will upgrade the MX to the MX84.




Kind of a big deal

Excellent job.  Loving the cabling.


The SD-WAN piece will be a nice addition.  You may have a choice of MX's outside the current range when that project comes around....sssshhhh...you didn't hear me say that 😉


@DarrenOC Yes 1 agree the 1 TO 1 patching is a great way to do things! and to have something more in the MX would be great... maybe more Load control. Cheers

Head in the Cloud

Well done @Tom236 It looks great! Those 1ft cables to a patch panel definitely make cable management easier. I agree with @DarrenOC on waiting for the upgrade 😁

Getting noticed

great job in the cable management