Hey All,


I'm building a MX deployment with a slightly unusual bent.... I have 2 MPLS clouds (both sans internet connection) that I'm working around..... not planning at this stage to add internet tunnels or internet only spokes, basically doing a hardware upgrade from rubbish routers to some nice single plane of glass managed kit....


Will post a pic once I have the lab "built" mean while here is my home desk firewall lab





So this is the lab.... 3 of the 4 sites are built and connected to 1 mpls provider.... next step connect second "mpls" and convert one site to vpn-concentrator only mode



So the lab has progressed, I now have my dc site running as 2 meraki networks (4 BGP AS's as site is split across 2 buildings to provide HA) with active active MX's in vpn concentrator mode integrated with my BGP routing table.... all in all Meraki has simplified the deployment and with the right amount of reading it seems to work very very well.  

Hola Phill

Podrias colgar el diagrama usado? Me interesa ests topologia


@Phill_Northwood we run this setup in production so if you have any issues then happy to help.  Obviously you may well have been live for months by now! 😎