Reengineer network and made it a Mananged Service

Reengineer network and made it a Mananged Service

And again another project to get rich of the lacking IT workforce in the todays world.

Also the customers needs a full remote managed and monitored network solution.


The classic Catalyst solutions are still rocksolid but the lack the monitoring and easability in the daily doing.

Meraki is still not as powerfull as the Catalyst solution, but this is not a fair comparison.


The challenge we met was to re engineer the current network at all (admin is gone) and make a playbook to smooth migrate from the old to the new world. So we need to install the new gear in parallel.

The MRs are still a to do because of missing inhouse cabling.


We used 2x MS225-48 / 7x MS210-48LP (4 stacked), 18x MR44 and 1xMT/MT20. Because the MX lacks some features we used a Sophos XGS instead of MX.


Work is still under progress, if you want to see more pictures let me know.



20220317_071651_resized (2).jpg


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How do the MR APs work with the low-power switches?

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Very well 🙂

It's only the total "power-Pool" that is about 370W instead of 740W.

The AP44 advertises 30W I mean and tooks about ~10W in real, in most of my networks.