Meraki MT-15 Sensor Install

Meraki MT-15 Sensor Install

Getting started with the Meraki MT-15 sensor - here is an unboxing gallery with some notes:

Everything you need to POE power the sensor is in the box, just connect an ethernet cable.  Optionally you can use a  USB-C adapter Meraki part# MA-PWR-USB-xx (xx is your country code) for power and wireless connectivity.    Meraki made it fast and easy with a "captured" torx bolt - no more lost or misplaced tiny torx mounting bolts.   You can even configure the intensity of the status LED and also select the metric that reflects the glow ring.  Who doesn't like the eco-friendly all paper packing?   

Kind of a big deal

What use case are you using this for?


I wouldn’t show serial numbers in your videos or photos either as someone could try and claim the device