Hotspot 2.0 in our office!

Hotspot 2.0 in our office!

IEEE 802.11uIEEE 802.11u


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This is great.

We are also seeing the adoption of Passpoitn in offices becoming a trend!


One common scenario is the following:

  1. We set up an internal portal for employees, where they can signup for WiFi access
  2. They receive a confirmation email with a personalized link to download a Passpoitn profile on their devices
  3. In the email, they are also informed that for devices that do not support Passpoint, they can still click on the SSID, that prompts the WAP2-E dialog, and enter their username/password.

In other cases, a direct integration with the company directory, automatically provisions WiFi for all the employees and sends them the activation email with Passpoint link and WPA2-E credentials.


Some ideas can be found here: