Distribution and Access Layer Renovation

Distribution and Access Layer Renovation

Hello all,


I am glad to present you a cool Meraki project that we have implemented this night.


What was the purpose of your project?


Simplify and add some "Power" to the infra.


What challenges did you encounter? How did you solve those?


These MS390 have "strong" personality. Everything was solved, dealing with the HW and learning how it behaves.


What Meraki gear did you end up using? What non-Meraki gear did you use?


1x 2 MS450 (distribution) +  3x 6 MS390-48UX (Access) + 3x 2 MS390-24U (DMZ + WAN + INET) + 19 MR56 + MT10 (DC Temperature + Humidity) + MX67 (VPN to Z3C - Teleworkers) + 2 Z3C + MV32


What do you hope to do next to in the future?


Do the same for all sites. Had an extra MX67 for HA.



Hope you enjoy,


Diogo Martins