Retail Entertainment network upgrades

Retail Entertainment network upgrades

We had a customer request that we upgrade the networks in two of their bars.

Both bars were located in strip shopping center locations.

One of the bars had very poor cellular service, to the point that customers and employees

could not reliably make or receive cell phone calls.

Both bars have Point of Sale systems and both bars needed reliable networks

in order to accommodate the ever increasing number of sporting events that

are only available via internet streaming services.


The first bar was about 50% larger than the second bar.

They had a consumer class router/access point that was not capable of covering the entire location.

They had a second router/access point that was connected to the first router in an attempt to provide

more wireless coverage. It had been compromised from attacks over the internet.


We installed a wall mount cabinet, along with a CAT 6 patch panel and cable management.

We installed all new CAT 6 ethernet cabling and jacks to all of the network devices, including

three new GR12 Wifi6 indoor wireless access points.

We installed a GX50 security appliance, with the optional Umbrella security license and two

GS110-8P switches. We installed a new APC Smart UPS to carry the network and ISP equipment,

along with an NVR and several IP cameras.


We had to figure out how to mount the GR12 APs to I-beams below the roof of the building.

We used beam clamps and had to make some minor modifications to the AP mounting plates in order

to get the beam clamps to attach to the plates securely and still be able to mount the APs to the plates.


This is the new wall mount network cabinet that we installed.

Wall mount cabinetWall mount cabinet


This is the rack mounted network equipment with structured cable management.

Rack mounted network equipmentRack mounted network equipment


This is what the beam clamps looked like that we attached to the AP brackets.

We had to drill out the holes a little in order to get the bolts to fit.

beam clampsbeam clamps


The second bar had a small wall mount rack in a closet and the previous installer had no concept of cable management.


What a mess!What a mess!


We installed a second wall mount rack, a GX50 with the optional Umbrella security license, two GS110-8P switches, a new cable modem and an APC Smart UPS with Smart Connect cloud management.

Nice and clean!Nice and clean!


This bar was smaller than the first bar and we only had to install two GR12 Wifi6 indoor APs to cover it correctly.

The new guest wireless network allowed customers to use Wi-Fi calling on their cell phones, which solved

the poor cellular service issue. We isolated the guest wireless VLAN and applied bandwidth throttling to it at both locations. We also isolated the POS VLAN from the rest of the network VLANs for PCI compliance at both locations.


The customer is thrilled with how responsive and reliable the networks are at both bars and they really like the weekly email reports about the customer insights at both locations.


Here are examples of the proximity, engagement and loyalty reports for one of the locations.


Proximity reportProximity report


Engagement reportEngagement reportLoyalty reportLoyalty report


Meraki Go Team

Wow! I really am a big fan of those rack mount kits (I have the same set). I've also got an APC in my closet driving the whole thing.


Do you make your own cables? The RJ45 plastic housings look unique, but maybe it's just the photo.

Building a reputation

I got the RJ45 thin CAT6 patch cords from Cables and Kits.