🔥 Meraki Marketplace Tech Partner News: Meraki Rebooted by Splash Access 🔥

Meraki Employee


Meraki Rebooted by Splash Access is now available!




This week, Meraki Marketplace tech partner Splash Access announced Meraki Rebooted, allowing customers to schedule reboots on both single and Meraki devices remotely.


This feature provides customers the opportunity to schedule reboots on multiple devices, regardless of organization or network remotely through the Meraki Rebooted mobile app.

Additional Features include:

  • Add multiple devices from any org or network
  • Manual reboot groups with up to 1000 devices instantly from one click
  • Full log files to view what devices have been rebooted and full-time logs


Learn more or request a demo here:

Meraki Rebooted from SplashAccess