🌟🚀 Introducing February's Cisco Meraki Ecosystem Partner of the Month....🥁

Meraki Employee

On behalf of the Cisco Meraki Marketplace team, I am pleased to announce that V-App has earned the February 2023 Cisco Meraki Ecosystem Partner of the Month badge for their long time Cisco Meraki Ecosystem partnership, providing customers with enterprise-scale real-time insights, meeting the requirement of multi-branch businesses with large-scale arrangements. V-App has full customization and flexibility, along with tailored dashboards for manager, executives, sales teams, marketers, and network engineers alike.


📹‌‌ CLICK HERE  to see the live reactions and view our announcement video featuring Alicia Lorenzetti, Global Ecosystem Leader at Cisco Meraki along with  Antonio Sapienza and Francesco Boscarino, Co-Founders of Bizmate | V-App.




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➡️ Visit V-App and other apps on Meraki Marketplace at apps.meraki.io. Request a demo to learn more! 

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