Meraki Marketplace: Monthly New App Round Up

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Welcome to the first edition of our monthly round up of new apps featured on the Meraki Marketplace, coming in hot during the month of May. Learn more about how each tech partner app delivers a customized solution to customer challenges, featuring innovations from Innerspace, Domotz, Iwrobotx and AirEye. Learn more about their apps below and be sure to demo each!





InnerSpace Smart Office

Demo the app on the Meraki Marketplace here

Watch the video intro here


Located in Ontario Canada, Inner Space Smart Office application works with Meraki MR to support critical workplace strategies with always-on data that tells the full story of when, where, how and why people use the office.


Key takeaway: InnerSpace data is used across corporate office spaces, sports stadiums, retail locations, airports, hospitals, and higher education campuses.





Demo the app on the Meraki Marketplace here

Watch the intro video here


Located in UT, Domotoz is a network monitoring and management solution that enables Service Providers and IT departments with deep insights into the network infrastructure. They provide services throughout the world to thousands of providers, monitoring over 50,000 networks daily.


Key takeaway: If you have a customer who is looking to monitor and manage more than just their Meraki products, Domotz can help, by optimizing efficiency and bringing real-time knowledge to the behavioral aspects of the network.





Demo the Indoor5.0 app on the Meraki Marketplace here


With Meraki MR & MV + Iwrobotx, customers can track staff and customer’s entrance/exit times, their navigation in the office, the web pages visited, device information, density map and more. The Indoor5.0 application can:


  • Report how busy which aisles are, optimizing customer’s aisle planning
  • Track customers over Wi-Fi signals with 1m location accuracy
  • Create/trigger email alarms for sections that become full
  • Generate analytical reports and propose customer specific offers


Key takeaway: The Indoor5.0 app is a powerful location-based marketing, worker performance and asset tracking solution. Companies can now generate location-based customer data, worker data and asset data, ultimately creating journeys that build loyalty and drive revenue.





Demo the Network Airspace Control and Protection app on the Meraki Marketplace here


AirEye’s SaaS solution continuously monitors all wireless communications broadcasting in the corporate airspace in real-time, preventing violations of corporate wireless security policy and blocking attacks automatically. Its technology seamlessly complements Meraki MR, providing an added security service for customers.


Key takeaway: Verticals include finance, healthcare, manufacturing, education, retail, hospitality organizations and aerospace.


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