🌟🚀 Introducing January's Cisco Meraki Ecosystem Partner of the Month....🥁

Meraki Employee

On behalf of the entire Cisco Meraki Marketplace team, I am pleased to announce that Boundless Digital has earned the January Cisco Meraki Ecosystem Partner of the Month badge for their long standing Cisco Meraki Ecosystem partnership, providing customers with IT solutions that make your Meraki network operations more agile. 






‌‌📹‌‌ CLICK HERE to see the live reactions and view our announcement video featuring Alicia Lorenzetti, Global Ecosystem Leader at Cisco Meraki along with Noel-Edouard Chenu Founder & CEO at Boundless Digital.


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➡️Visit Boundless Digital and other apps on Meraki Marketplace at apps.meraki.io. Request a demo to learn more! ⬅️