Unavailability log - Access Point MR33

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Unavailability log - Access Point MR33

We are in the process of approving the meraki platform and we need the status of the AP (UP / DOWN) to be reported in the logs, in the status part. We did several tests, and the only information that appears is about RF. It is an approval process from our company, and all events are recorded in the log, but unfortunately at Meraki the events are by e-mail.

I already opened a call with MEraki (05451380), and I was asked to come and request this item here.

Cassio Meraki representative of my company (Oi/Telemar), is aware.


NOTE: I mentioned an example from 2 manufacturers that report the availability of the access point in their logs, and we need Meraki to also report AP events on the dashboard


1 - Report Meraki:


2: Status MR


3: Status MR


4: Report Vendor Oi 1

Vendor 2 Oi.jpeg

5: Report Vendor Oi 2

Vendor1 Oi.jpeg




Meraki Go Team



I took a look at the case and I'm not sure how you wound up here, but I'm happy to help out how I can. This community is for the Meraki Go equipment, which is a different line than the enterprise hardware (the MR33).


That being said, the alert notifications article covers the functionality available for UP/DOWN status on the access points:



Additional functionality will have to be submitted as a feature request with the "Make a wish" button on dashboard. This information is shared with the product teams to make them aware of a need for additional functionality. You can find more details about the "Wish" program here: