Possibility to enforce a certain security type for WIFI

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Possibility to enforce a certain security type for WIFI

As of today, I unplugged my meraki go setup GX20&GR10 and went back to my >8 years old TP-Link running OpenWRT that has never let me down.

I've had enough restarting and reseting and changing networks in my app just because my devices keep losing internet connection and either not receiving an IP at all or getting stuck with self assigned IP. At some point, I even thought that my macbook pros are to blame, and I tried every solution I could find online, but with no result. And I keep losing my internet connection also on my iPhones, my iPad and my wife's Samsung smartphone. Digging deeper into this issue I saw some topics online on meraki community saying they were able to address this issue by switching from mixed mode (that apparently meraki go is using by default) to WPA2 only. 

As I'm not able to access this option, and I'm tired of even bothering to try something else to make it work (spent too much hours of my life on this issue), my expensive meraki go appliance is going to stay in the box for a long time.