PWA app for browsers and desktop OS-es

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PWA app for browsers and desktop OS-es

Would be great if you could make a PWA version of the Meraki GO app, so that we can control our network from web browsers and apps for desktop OS-es like Windows and MacOS as well. Release it to respective app stores, (Microsoft Store, Mac App Store) and/ or make it a installable web app for Chromium based browsers.

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I agree 100%.  I understand trying to make things simple and mobile-friendly, but there are times when it would make much more sense to access the configuration from a desktop.

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Yes, the app is handy but I would really appreciate web portal

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This is a must so +1 here. Have you tried to emulate the current app on your browsers @olavrb ?

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Emulate it how? Android VM? "Your Phone" app on Windows 10? No I haven't.

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