Meraki Go physical security solution for Small Businesses

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Meraki Go physical security solution for Small Businesses

Hi Meraki Go Team,

it would be great if Meraki Go would offer a physical security solution on top of existing gear as well.

- a security camera to check the room and send alert if motion is detected (like eg Arlo)
- open/close sensors for the door/window of small business
- as a gateway for the sensors a new Meraki Go access point with built in BlueTooth/Wifi6 would be great

With all that a small business owner would have full control over all his infrastructure with the App

my 2 cents, Mike

Meraki Go Team

Wish noted @MikeS_AT  🙂


I'm a home automation buff and have many devices of this nature already connected to my Meraki Go lab stack at home. Items such as door locks, garage door opener, and even Cisco Meraki environmental sensors.


While these are all items managed outside of the Meraki Go platform, we definitely recognize the growing desire for these types of items in a small business. Nothing is in the books as of today, but we are always exploring these types of potential solutions going forward with the Go product.